Cuban Singer, Tiaris canora

The Cuban singer is a small South American finch just 10 cm in length with a very striking colorful and beautiful melodious song.

In fact it is called the Cantor also Cuban.

If you want to brighten up a Voladera with plants and vegetation will make these small estrildids great.

They are easy to maintain, with a base mix for exotic birds and some live food such as mealworms or buffalo worms can keep them to perfection and even raise them easily.

In times of cold is better Voladera endow a shelter for them, as too low temperatures could affect them.

Sexual dimorphism is evident, the male and the photo has a very colorful black and yellow while the female lacks.

Both parents will take care of the raising of their offspring in a nest of grass with natural fibers will build on top of the aviary.

Sure you joys fill this beautiful species.