Pseudepiplatys annulatus

Over 15 years ago , when I discovered I was interested killifish this nice cyprinodontid , Pseudepiplatys annulatus , the clown killifish .

My contact with a fellow North America misestimate my first attempt because I was saying that at his age and did not see the eggs so small and I could not send them to me .

Later, began shipping in closest areas , but for your needs on the parameters of the water and not having a team of osmosis me back to dampen the enthusiasm for them.

With his 3'5 cms in length, need soft water with 5-7 parameters PH and ppm < 200 , this for me at the time was unthinkable.

Thank fate Now I have an aquarium of 60 liters where I have hosted , with sakura shrimps and soon Corydoras pygmaeus . For now the females that carry few days are very voracious and are filling the belly leaving motrar well what my eager eyes seem eggs and next start .

My couples do not have any stock , I do not care , as long as you plan to maintain a long-term spice should think of specimens with known population , you never know , but in my case it has not been.

They are fish that spend most of the time near the supercifie , a priori not jump and are very sociable and calm.

Their food is simple , perfectly accept dry food and sticks floating on the surface so for now there is more to feed them ...

Males differ from females rather , they are a little bigger and has the largest and most colorful fins , especially the caudal.

His playing is simple , in fact the option chosen by most aquarists is to leave copies freely as they appear young for the aquarium without intervention on our part.

But I 'm going to see if I put a mop and a farrowing step .