How to make a homemade biological filter?

The way a biological filter works is very simple, it is just the feed of nitrifying bacteria that eats substances harmful to our fish and invertebrates, maintaining a balance in the water that allows everyone to lead a life.

These bacteria are concentrated within our filter, housed in the porous volcanic stones, gravel, or other ceramic beads, there are living happily with their substances ...

As you can see it is not a complicated concept, we need just two things:

1º A place where our bacteria live

2º Offering feed to these bacteria

That is exactly what makes a filter in our aquarium, is the house of bacteria and where enters dirty water and comes out cleaned water.

For the container we will use a small plastic bottle of water, juice ... what you look fine or what you could have near. Just cut off the bottle where you will place inside the part of the cover by creating a small surface where air enters through a tube and goes out through another  tube causing the water by the vacuum pressure generated by these air bubbles flow through the filter material selected.

Inside the bottle you will place the filtering material that we have, some gravel, porous ceramic beads ... also we have added "perlon" for larger particles, so we can clean and change it periodically.

It should be noticed that the filtering power of this type of filters is based on less water than fish. They are well suited for use with shrimp aquariums, like prawns or red cherry caridinas that do not give too much work to bacteria that can do well without overtime work....

We hope this article to be useful and you feel encouraged to create a nano aquarium with prawns, I am sure you will breed great and you will spend great time with this experience with them and other invertebrates.

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