The Mandarin duck

The mandarin duck is one of the quintessential ornamental birds . It has a great color scheme and also its small size makes it suitable for any pond in a field in a small pond ... but would eat fish because they are almost certainly .

For many people the mandarin duck is a duck but colors more , Aix galericulata is a bird native to China , Japan and Siberia.

Like many his breeding poultry can carry out human intervention , taking the eggs and incubating them in an incubator , which will ensure most of the clutch or the female leaving her nest handle and care coming to form a small group of mandarin ducks . Quite a spectacle ornamental .

There are currently several color mutations , among which the most prominent is the albino , Bruna , etc. ... making mandarin duck colors in shades of brown , as nice as the ancestral copies ... so there are colors to choose from.

Mandarin Ducks are fairly easy to reproduce and maintain , so its price is not too high , around 30 Euros each duck . Maybe a little due to low demand also should have these copies.