Chinese algae eater fish

Finally I have an aquarium in the dining room of my house , it cost but it came. A second hand aquarium but a great occasion. A 60 liter aquarium with optical glass and filter external SERA .

His previous owner gave me all inclusive , renters and plants.

As I took it home without removing installed when I had started to look into and enjoy discovering many rasboras , shrimp Caridina japonica , ottonciclus ... and a fish of enormous size compared to other fish.

Has proved a Siamensis Crossocheilus a Chinese algae eater fish . An omnivorous fish that eat algae until I have other things like other fish fry , shrimp zoeae ... so I turn yielded to a boy who was riding his new aquarium and liked .

These fish come from Thailand and can reach 10 cm in length. We recommend having 1 fish per 100 liters of water.

They are quiet and non-aggressive character , so in principle we have no problems with other tenants of the aquarium.

It is a silvery fish with a horizontal black stripe crosses his body. Not very picky about water conditions are concerned.

His playing is not an easy task ... with a good aquarium , few tenants and some current and oxygenation.