Common Blackbird

The Blackbird, Turdus merula has been so far one of the most common birds in gardens and orchards, almost as much or more than the house sparrow .

A Black bird with yellow beak about 25 cm in length were ate all the worms and other of our gardens.

Since 2012 , not whether populations have decreased but in areas of orchards of Valencia where before the saw in abundance has disappeared almost completely , he now saw only sporadically .

The male is of an intense black and a little brown females , their nests were seen everywhere easily thanks to its size , but now nothing.

In spring was a pleasure to watch the races that gave few other males behind as some people change their feather samples for gorgeous deep glossy black .

The Blackbirds are FEEDING almost everything, insects, small reptiles , fruits , etc. ...

It is distributed throughout Europe and numerous subspecies , I sincerely hope that what I am perceiving with the blackbirds is just an isolated and temporary , but I get the thorn that is not so.

In captivity their young in voladeras is simple , feed them wet dog food and have succeeded in obtaining numerous mutations of color, white , brunos , cakes , gray ... seems incredible that a bird as uniform color can cause such a range of color mutations .



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