Fox Terrier, Tintin's dog

Formerly it was a breed that was used for fox hunting, but has today is a great companion dog, it is known as the great companion of Tin Tin .



There two varieties are crossed for version haired white and a head set that straight hair. Currently two varieties are maintained, that is smooth, hard and smooth in straight hair and hard and stiff hair on the drive. They are otherwise virtually identical to the predominant colour white and black spots, grey or brown.



They have a thin and elongated head, flat skull and a long muzzle, ears V-shaped, dark eyes. The back is short and straight, and deep chest, muscular hips and tail carried high.



Dogs are vital, smart, cheerful, and intelligent, with a very large bravura. There are dogs that bark for hours but when they see something wrong, which are good alert dogs.


Enjoy chasing cats and waiting when they climb the tree, also love digging in the earth. They are great pets and love to spend a lot of time lying on the couch.

In short comics series Tintin describes it as it is.