In this time of crisis and global recession we are suffering, never hurts saving any €, if you have a pet, here I leave some tricks so you can save some money and make ends month.

 1. Spend a lot of time with your dog or pet, if you have a dog, even better, if a Sunday afternoon you go to the cinema or just want to go to the bar to watch the football match of your favourite football team, take the dog and take a goog walk, (a cinema ticket + popcorn + fuel can easily be € 15, an evening at the bar watching the football game 10 €), your health will thank you.

 2. Consult your veterinarian, any products such as vitamins, antibiotics, you can buy in a pharmacy and out even 20% of what it may cost you in the veterinary

 3. Keep the animal's mouth always clean, if you use the sticks of good breath (a package can cost € 3), replaced once a week for a very hard piece of bread (cost <10 cents), the animal at eat clean his teeth

 4. Take advantage and offers your dog for an occasional pairing if is a male.

 5. If you buy a toy, look on the Internet there are many sites you can buy toys up to 60% cheaper than in a pet shop

 6. If you want to buy an animal, choose a good race, find before the races that have major problems (French bulldog, English bulldog)

 7. Never buy a feed for its price, look always the ingredients, at long term can save unnecessary expenses with the veterinary supply resulting from bad alimentation

 8. If you buy something, like a belt, a harness, a collar, looks the quality, it is worth investing a little more, about 30% more, but the product is of higher quality and will longer, remember that cheap often is expensive.

 9. If you have a garden, use their droppings as fertilizer (ask on forums before if can affect plants, it's free and also will learn about your plants)

 10. Besides being required by law to always carry your dog tied up, if your dog is loose, try always to have control, do not get into any fights, plus you can save a good veterinarian dislike and unnecessary spending


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And remember, depends of yourself to saving some money!!.


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