Animal tattoos, Chinese dragon

Tattoos of animals, the Chinese dragon

The dragon in a tattoo means protection.

The first thing you must consider before you make a custom tattoo is, be absolutely sure of what you want tattoo, not what you should do for fashion or because your friends have one of a certain style and what you want to copy.

I tell you because it's basically for life, and if you repent at some point get off it will cost a lot of money to some of the pain of the laser, and if you opt for cover with another top note that will not be totally fine.


What you should never get a tattoo

Besides this other advice I give you not tattoo names, or your wife or husband, because you never know what will happen. It is best tattoo important things for us or with any meaning, and certainly never get bored of him.


Choosing a tattoo artist

The second and most important is the choice of the store where we're going to do, from my experience, I say that it is better to which are smaller, because there is a more personal treatment than in those who are very large. Also look if is well sanitized and meets all applicable laws, and if I might advise them about what you are going to tattoo , keep in mind that they know how it will be better, so they are the experts.

And my last tip is that if you find a tattoo artist who is good not change, because I know and you better advice.

You know the saying, better evil known than an unknown good.