Home composter for our plants

No need to buy a large composter like the photo to do some recycling, but it is important to recycle at home and make our own compost , you know that is the best choice to feed our plants.


For small-scale do need a plastic tapper multi price stores, if you may have some better breathing better, but we will practice some small holes in the bottom.


Inside we put some land, organic matter underneath it.



Fruit skins

Banana peel

Leftover rice

Vegetable skins


It is important to not put bones or anything that would take 100 years to recycle, because that will remain , we want it fast and fast is what I have set up.


Now will field some red worms or these American who are bigger than we can get in stores and through amateur fishing.


Then we just have to leave for 6 months to make compost and fertilize our plants, having made special use of our home and our composter recycle organic matter.


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