Crabs cambarellus blue and brown 

The tiny crabs are small freshwater invertebrates that are becoming increasingly popular in the world of aquariums.


As mentioned in other related items, which you can find at the end of this text, are very easy to maintain in hard water, nearly all temperatures and conditions. One must pay attention to heavy metals like other invertebrates.


The curious case is that it seems to have 2 colours or diminutus Cambarellus mutations crabs, the beautiful deep blue like the photo and others are brown.


I really do not know if it is a colour mutation or crab fitness because everyone I've raised abroad with good only are brown and indoors in a place almost without light are this dark and blue , also copy photo is a dominant male, maybe this also affects its colour.


For now what I'm doing is separated into different aquariums blue and brown to try to create two breeding lines with two different colours.