Why we did not find nests?


20 years ago in the orange groves in Valencia had nests gafarrones and goldfinches every 2 blackbirds nest trees and every tree, now there is barely any nest.


Why is this happening? Really we are destroying the environment.


With the arrival of water scarcity introduced drip fields, an ingenious and beneficial to all because in that small birds drank drip, some grasses grew, he spent less water and we were all happy.


But then the man wanted a little more and still extending his hand to catch a fruit a little more distant and decided to supply their fruit trees all kinds of medicines and pesticides for better oranges and made it through the drip system, which he was the owner but not the only beneficiary and began dying plants, birds and small rodents ... so now there is a nest.


I love to watch the birds and one years ago I went looking for some photographs nests in 4 orange groves just got to see a nest of warblers that I show in that picture , perfect with three speckled brown nests inside safe they got to fly, but could not see any native finches nest , what is happening ? Neither no news and none old ... incredible. And even more amazing is that I do not see blackbirds, redwings abundant and brazen. Where are they?


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