Sardine fish freshwater aquarium

This is a very curious fish , Kryptosterus minor. Its common name is java or fish crystal glass has been given this name because it is a transparent fish , you will see the thorns , but I like to call the sardine fish because reminds me the cobs of the sardines.

It's a big fish, can reach 15 cm, so we must think in an aquarium of about 96 litters and up.

It is carnivorous, so we live and frozen food supply, grindal, daphnia, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, etc. ...

Is original from Thailand, the ideal temperatures are around 22-26 ° C and neutral pH 6-7

They are a fish that swim in the middle of the aquarium and in no case will fall to the bottom to bite any food scraps that we can provide them , is a fish not recommended for beginners , it is also quite long-lived, about 5 years of life expectancy, so I think if you really like this sardine transparent.

Is sociable, peaceful and shy, must accompany copies of a great shoal of fish other crystal pair to be calm and at ease.

Fish are like dark waters and stream, against which swim by moving their spines making waves.

If we are thinking of putting them in a community tank should avoid very active fish like catfish because stress our fish java glass.

Although quiet and peaceful few predators are born and avid hunters, so the reproduction of other species of fish in an aquarium with minor Kryptopterus not is easy, just as it will not play them.

When fish are stressed , sick or do arise sudden temperature changes , water conditions, etc ... their status will change to be transparent opaque white and this is a very striking indicator that tells us that something is not going well.