Keeping alive hatched brine shrimp

How to hatch brine shrimp is very important to ensure our fry rearing. Actually this is the main reason that hatch out brine.

Briefly explain the process, but you can read it on other items relate more detailed:

. - 1 liter of water the aquarium

. - 1 tablespoon coarse salt market

. - Shrimp eggs

Mix well and wait, all this put it in a bottle or a taper, without aerator or anything.

Then, the method is very simple, as we have explained before, the brine above 20 º C will hatch in 24-48 hours.

What should we do? Just looking for a warm place for the shrimp hatches.

The significant change that we explain in this article is as follows:

So far, only putting the shrimp with the hatch aquarium water and in about 3 days, we stopped to have shrimp.

Now what we will do is put a clear container in a sunny spot for green water is made, that's the best water.

We will use this water to hatch brine shrimp and then instead of having shrimp for 3 days in 3 days the brine shrimp can be grown up and give it to young and old.

With 1 litter of green water, depending on the amount of brine have to keep it alive for a week or two.