Golden Retriever


Dogs are friendly, confident and very intelligent as well as being very accommodating, very good pets, especially are very patient with children, if taught from puppies. Because they are confident they are good watchdogs, as they tend to be nice to people who do not know. To display aggressive or hostile towards people or other animal is not in keeping with the character of the race.

Thanks to their high intelligence has been listed in fourth place in the standings Stanley Coren dogs intelligence after the border collie, poodle and german shepherd, to be one of the smartest dogs because of their large capacity and obedience training.

Because of his athleticism, intelligence and desire to please excel in obedience trials, as they are very competitive in agility. Being very sociable with people and very intelligent dog are widely used as guide, assistance, aid and search and rescue.

The breed comes from United Kingdom, specifically in Scotland and was used for hunting.


Physical characteristics

Their fur tends to have two shades light and dark gold, rejecting those that are too dark or light, pure white, red and black are unacceptable. Its coat consists of two mantles small layer soft undercoat keeps the dog warm in winter and cool in summer, which is short and close to the belly, usually move in the spring and fall, and an outer layer of fur water resistant and somewhat wavy, that small amounts lost during the year.

They are very active dogs so there is that they require a good amount of exercise, but will become restless and can get home and find some wreckage.



You have to brush their hair at least once a week, to keep it attractive and tangle, and clean your ears because it can easily suffer infections.

The average life of Golden is 12 years, provided that they take good care. Often tend to overweight but being supervised diet and exercise, also hip dysphasia, so it is advisable to tell the breeder that tests do puppy parents .



Other common diseases are cancer, elbow dysphasia, cataracts, allergies, haemophilia and Lyme disease (which is seen in the later stages).

They are common does not mean that all may suffer.


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