The Life of Elephants ...

Our previous picture of an elephant was a plastic doll , now we have an elephant flesh.

Lain Where will this elephant ? Seem to have dirty oil leg .

What is the scientific name of elephant?

The of this female is Loxodonta africana

How many species of elephants are there?

We have three species of elephants .

Two species come from the African continent that lives in Loxodonta africana and Loxodonta cyclotis savannah living in the jungle

The third species is Asian : Elephas maximus

How much do elephants weigh ?

Between 7,500 kg and 12,000 kg ... Not because we have to feed the cows ... they have more flesh. Do not think it cruelest an elephant eat a cow

How old elephants live ?

Between 50 and 70 years , provided they are not put through Don Juan Carlos and his shotgun .

How much water drink a day the elephants ?

About 130 liters of water ... this is pretty , but probably the majority becomes the medium shortly.

How much food elephants eat every day ?

Wow, what a coincidence , another 130 kg of food a day , mother , and to invite you to the villa pasturar ...

How many elephant calves have over your life?

Between 0 and 12 offspring ...

How many elephant pregnancy lasts ?

22 months, almost two years that patience that if a sucker is born weighing 100 kg .

How long is an elephant ?

Well about 3 meters , so play basketball so well , will you not have you ever seen?

How many neurons are the elephants ?

250,000 million, while men have only 100,000 million ... by neurons we win, this should be deeper , better not comment .