Animals crossing the road

The animals and the road is not a good combination .

We have several possible incidents when an animal approaches a road.

Animals like snakes come early in the morning to heat the asphalt ... and this is deadly for them as any car passing at full speed snake steak usually left on the road.

Dogs are another great danger, a dog crossing the road do not know if going forward, back or wherever , and he even less , so do not know if dodge , slow down or keep ... it would be best to stop in time , without the car coming behind you crash.

At night on rural roads there are plenty of animals crossing , rabbits , foxes , hedgehogs ... all are shocked because of the headlights of the cars and do not know where to go sometimes and sometimes immobile STAYING out at full speed, this is the best you can do.

Caution on the roads and temper the speed , is the best choice .