Lifetime has been said and has happened in many houses the dog is feeding the leftovers from us, or we prepare 'something special' thinking it will be better for the dog. I'm tired of hearing people that met with the dogs in the park, ‘ I give his feed and leftovers from us, and leaves the plate clean’

 We are completely wrong, dogs should not eat human food, preferably with dry feed, no leftover cooked rice, or paella.

 My experience, the first and last happened to me is to give the remains of cooked vegetables, potato, peas, carrot, leek, turnip, if think that would be good, but no, past one hour the dog starts vomiting and diarrhoea. Never do it!

 To your pet you can choose from many different feeds, there are plenty of brands to choose, but which one is the best?

 And what of all feed is the best, first, not to be the more expensive is better, there are feeds ranging from 0.50 € / Kg to 3.5 € / kg, if the dog is a puppy, the most advisable is to talk to the breeder where you have bought, he is the one with experience and will be able to advise you better.  If you do not know or can not give the advice, the best is to look at the composition of the feed.

 We need to look at is if there are many cereal, if it meets, this factor is not advisable to take this feed, dogs lacking amylases and have a relatively short stomach not do well digesting cereals so all they eat, all goes out, It's best to choose where their meat proportion is higher (chicken, beef, bison) or fish (salmon), which has a high protein level, the dog will be satisfied before with fewer feed than that of a feed with cereal. And look at that meat or fish is dehydrated, think if you take away the water is only 20% of the original amount, if it does not say in the composition discards, if you are not sure what to buy, the best is to use animal forums where you will be able to report much better.


Always take care of your dog feed, in the future will save you veterinary costs resulting from poor feeding.


And remember, what you eat is raised!


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