Visit Bioparc

3 days I've been thinking about the bioparc ... a part of me wanted to go to Bioparc , enjoy as I enjoyed , do post pictures of animals and animal on our website information about tenants Valencia Zoo .

But another part of me was reluctant , I knew that a part of deception would cause me feelings of sadness and melancholy .

The Zoo bioparc is a good job , we enjoyed very striking and exotic animals , from the African continent . Space them and unsurpassed beauty . Thanks to Bioparc I could see a elephant , a giraffe , a rhino ... many animals I've enjoyed and I was filled with joy .

But the dark side is the following , deception in which a private company has invested 70 million euros in a park ... and I leave here , I'm not going to assess if it is much , too little, there are more things around here, there are more things here and there , that if water comes out of here or there ...

I just want to think , Is it the responsibility of such parks following?

. - Aphanius iberus

. - Valencia hispanica

. - Iberian Lynx

. - Fringilia teydea

. - Serinus Citrinella

. - Etc ... Although his thematic focus on the African continent.

The truth is that I was slightly disappointed to enter a zoo designed to africa and not a single estrildido enjoy Africa. Africa has the greatest wealth of these birds and why not keep Mandingoa nitidula ? for example ... I like a lot , with an investment of $ 3,000 including installation over 70 million have been spent in the park is ridiculous ...

It was thought that inicalmente bioparc to Savannah and madagascar ... but outside the strictly commercial should zoological parks private or public , with private or public subsidy should pay research and publication on its raw material.

I would have freaked literamente with any collaboration with species like Cryptospiza shelley, one of the rarest African birds , if only it had been a picture and " Bioparc works " .

In closing I would like to just clarify that the fact that I feel a predilection for certain types of non devalues the worth of a rhinoceros .

 When you get disappointment expectations is always higher , although I was waiting .



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