Pug breed

Standard of pug

It's a small dog, robust, muscular and shapely. Has a large head relative to the body, rounded , creased , the muzzle is square and flat , his eyes are large, dark and bulging ; shaped ears or pink button , the legs straight and curly tail . And can weigh from 6-8 kg . and measure about 30 cm. to the cross .


Their coat is dense and short , so it moves constantly , so it's not a dog suitable for asthma or allergies . They can be sand or silver colour and have a black stripe going from head to tail , also you can find copies of black or pure white is the most scarce therefore the most expensive .


Pug Care

Special care must be taken with them, as once a week cleaning their potential wrinkles and dirt accumulations of secretion with a dry , eyes also since being bulging are more exposed , and as we see it has something in the eye to the vet , because once they are infected. You also have to clean their ears with a cotton swab and that being fall does not transpire and it is easier to have an infection.


When snouted dogs do not bear the heat well. Something you should also keep in mind is your diet , as they are dog given to obesity , we have to watch what you eat well so you do not suffer because of back problems and would not breathe well .


Common Diseases

Common diseases that may suffer are heart problems , you should also palpate back to grab the puppy before , as the curly tail is because the vertebrae in this part are hemi vertebrae and may extend to the rest of the column showing spine bifida , if the sufferers are advised not play not to pass the problem on to their offspring . 1% of the puppies can suffer a degenerative neurological disorder called pug encephalitis (PDE) , this disease is fatal and has no known cure , so it is advised not play in at least 2 years in order not to transmit the gene, after the first year of life is unlikely to be present, but it is better secured.


Pug character

They are very playful and sociable, not pushy, but no fear with the big dogs and are wary of strangers and announce their presence by barking , which are good alert dogs . The early years are somewhat hyperactive, but over the years is reassuring.


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