Heat stroke in dogs

Symptoms that has given heatstroke our dog , will first notice that is exhausted and soon begin to walk from side to side and falling as if dizzy or drunk, may even fail to rise.

As we see that costs have to be rushed ride to the vet . If we can not more important is taking the temperature and bajársela , as will high , it is best to put cold cloths on the pads because that is where the hydration lose part of the mouth , and also put ice towels in the rest of the body, but most important of all is to take it to the vet , because if we do and is a long time with a high temperature can cause permanent damage to internal organs , kidneys , liver , heart, brain and even the death . And I to my dog is the last thing I want.

Conciencies I want you by my good friend Rocky gave one last Tuesday and took 25 min . to get to the vet from where we were , when we had 42.5 ° and the vet told us that if we took 20/25 min . would have had more damage to the kidneys and brain safe and maybe had died ; thank god is good.

When we put the cloths and serum dropper by dehydration , gave us medication for kidney , as we said at the same time could have been damaged , and that we controlled the urine , and if we do not asustáramos that night the dog was sick and vomited as it is like when we get to us.

The next day we were scared and I bleed and came back but she said it was normal, that excess hemoglobin release , we had to watch him not to do so the following days. Days passed and gradually returned to be the same as always . And to show look like sleeping ...

I hope my experience will serve , we must take care of our friends , because they always would for us.