common lizard

The common lizard is widespread throughout the world ... geographical variations but there is a small reptile that can be found almost domestic easily .. now, have you ever thought about the following issues? Know well this little reptile that all children have pursued?

What is the name of the common lizard cienfitico?

Podarcis hispanica, of course, a beautiful lizard and make some pictures like you see on the cover of the article will brighten any day.

If this article had 1,000 impressions, I ask no more, this would be the lizard of luck for me.

What is the geographical distribution of the common lizard?

In Spain map filled completely, in the world ... each region has its own kind, all different and similar.

How long will it live?

The lizards can live three or four years, provided that some other animal will not eat them ...

How to differentiate males and females of the common lizard?

The males defend their territory in spring when instinct wakes player ... also the males are larger and their heads are larger and scaly ... males usually have this defect ...

How many eggs does the lizard lay?

Females can lay four or five eggs in each set depends on the size of the female and age.

What eats the common lizard?

Well ... principipalmente their food base are small insects, mosquitoes, spiders ... but also can eat some fruits of small plants.

What are the predators of the common lizard?

It is easy, since the common lizard is a small reptile, of less than 15 inches above all in its youth is prey to other reptiles such as lizard, birds, snakes ...

I once saw a sparrow picking and eating a lizard ...