Peter and the corner of nature

Peter is passionate about nature, you like plants, dogs, fish, birds, in general, all kinds of bugs.

Pedro met a great girl, really wanted and thought about building a future together. The first thing they needed was a house, or rather, an apartment in your city.

With much effort and sacrifice, they managed to find a floor that kept the balance between value for money that they could take and went to see him hand in hand with great enthusiasm.

Peter wondered, Where he will have his bugs?

Upon entering a welcoming foyer. Quickly, Peter thought a pretty good aquarium to receive visitors ... but that was not his room, so he gave up.

After reaching the first of the three rooms, that was the room for their first child, would be fantastic. Peter was nervous, wanted to get to your room as soon as possible, but the bugs.

The second room would be to her second child, everything was well planned and followed one after the other ... the kitchen, bathrooms, dining ... and finally asked Peter anguish come up for air when the window was opened a deep breath and looking around Cabin uncovering a 3 x 2 meters with a farm overlooking the lovely front. Just then his wife stuck her head out the window and said:

- Congratulations, this is your room bugs!

Peter was very happy I did not know how I was going to do, he liked all kinds of animals so after much deliberation came to the following ideas ... What I can do with my balcony?


Voladera Fabricare one 2 story and put a pair of exotic birds in each, maybe two pairs of Gouldian finches...


I'll put two tanks and one with shrimp and other fish with some supporting Aphanius all temperatures and are very strong.

Even possible maximum load calculation for a balcony.


I will make a arcon and covered with wire gauze, put drumsticks mount for trying to play


As I really like the song of the birds, put a cage with a wild goldfinches sing to harmonize each time it reappears from my room


 Also thought I did a tortoise ...

And so with many animals ... and could enjoy your little corner.

The truth is that more and more cities are anti nature, I would force builders to build on each floor the corner of the binding nature of a tree there.



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